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Snowy Days

I’m looking out my sisters window watching my children play with their cousins. Two of them are trying to catch snowflakes in their mouth with outstretched tongues while the neighbor dog happily wags her tail. We sip on chai tea as it aromatically fills the room with rich spices. My oldest nephew, who celebrates his […]

A Life of Service

  This past weekend my three siblings, spouses and our gaggle of children all gathered to celebrate my dad’s 83rd birthday at a cabin in Longbeach, Washington. It is no cosmic surprise that we celebrate dad the weekend that we also celebrate the life and works of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of Dad’s favorite human beings. […]

Joy, A State of Being

I was visiting with a patient who reported that she had yet to started looking into the dietary recommendations that I had made for her. I was curious about what prevented her from moving forward in the recent health goals she had set for herself. So, I asked her about her inner voice and the […]


One of the aspects of my vocation I love the most is seeing patients for their own unique beauty. The objectivity that comes in patient care is a gift given when we take the time as healers to heal ourselves. When we do for ourselves what we ask our patients to do, we too can […]